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7 years ago my listening ability was very low, but now it is getting better, bit-by-bit. Anne patiently listens to my poor English. She is a friendly and cheerful teacher; therefore I can continue to learn at Eigo Gym. The room is always full of laughter. Come and enjoy chatting with us! “

私は2年間 英語ジムで 勉強しています。最初は全然わかりませんでしたが、
I have studied English for 2years. At first, I couldn't understand at all, however, now I am beginning to understand.I enjoy studying English.

I enjoy talking with Eigo Gym members and Anne. It's fun.

I always have fun at the Eigo Gym. Anne is always a cheerful teacher and friend. I love Anne and members’ chat.

ビジネスマンが要求される英語力には、会話力(Face to faceの会議、電話の応対)、作文力・読解力(論文や資料作成、日常のメール)など様々な要素があります。要求される英語力は仕事によって人それぞれでしょう。私はAnne先生のlessonを10年受けていますが、電話での会話、電話会議を想定したSkypeを利用したlesson,投稿論文の校正など、case by caseで仕事の状況に応じたフレキシブルなカリキュラムで自信を持つことができました。Anne先生はtime managementがしっかりしているので、短期の団体レッスンなどでスケジュールが多忙になってもしっかり時間を確保して頂けるのも信頼できるところです。また、英語を教えることが自分の天職であると常々話されて通り、気さくな雰囲気な中でもlessonに対する態度は非常に真剣です。日本で長く教えられていることから、控えめな日本人の性質もよく理解されています。英語力に不安を感じておられる方は是非、お試しlessonを受けてみて下さい。
English ability, which is necessary for business people, consist of various factors such as conversation (face to face, phone, etc.), composition & reading (scientific paper, materials for meetings, daily mail etc.). Required abilities are dependent on people and situations.
I have learned English with Anne for ten years and got confidence in it by her lessons with flexible ideas on case by case basis, e.g., conversation by phone or Skype, editing scientific manuscript. She is really responsible for her time-management and able to arrange lesson schedule whenever she is busy with her temporary job. Further, she often tells me she really loves her teaching job, and is dedicated to her lesson in a friendly atmosphere.
As she has been here for many long years, she well understands the Japanese reserved nature. Guys who want to improve English skills, why don't you have a first trial lesson?